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Vin Santo di Montepulciano

Vin Santo
di Montepulciano DOC

Vin Santo of Montepulciano is the third, most important D.O.C wine produced in the “Nobile” area. Its recipe is based on the desiccation of selected grapes and it is a true symbol of Tuscan hospitality. Thanks to its unique warmth, Vin Santo has always been offered to passers-by looking for shelter, to celebrate special occasions or to make a toast after a tasty Sunday’s meal.

Our Vin Santo was named after “Mamma Ada”, the heart of the Natalini family and Le Bèrne. After a long desiccation on wicker, the selected grapes from Malvasia and Pulcinculo varieties are pressed and allowed to ripen together with a a starter culture of yeast known as “madre” that includes a small amount of finished Vin Santo from previous years’ production. The fermentation and aging processes then start. Fermentation takes place in the “Vinsantaia”, a typical Tuscan attic where the small wooden kegs can better benefit from the atmospheric temperature range. Vin Santo Ada is characterized by its unique amber colour, an intense, fruity aroma with hints of honey and spices and a full, sweet and lingering taste. Vin Santo is excellent to drink as a dessert wine together with typical Tuscan Cantucci or similar dried biscuits, creating an enjoyable atmosphere of warmth and relaxation.

Area of Production: Cervognano
Altitude of the vineyards: 350 m
Grape variety: Grechetto Bianco (Pulcinculo) and Malvasia
Growing System: double Guyot-trained
Production of grapes per hectare: 60/70 quintals per hectare
Harvest: From the second to third week of September
Wine-making: Desiccation on wicker until the end of January, pressing and ripening in wooden kegs together with the “Madre” starter culture of yeast in February, fermentation and aging for eight years.
Bottle aging: 8 months minimum


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